I was accepted as a member of the IAC - INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CERAMICS, GENEVA

2022. 02. 09.
iparművészet és tervezőművészet
The Academy welcomes its 151 new members of 2021. NEW MEMBER: STROHNER Márton, Hungary

The Academy welcomes its 151 new members of 2021.

This year again, the IAC received outstanding applications and would like to thank the candidates and the sponsors for their support in the development of this network of enthusiastic professionals in ceramics.

Information about the new members is available on their individual pages and these will be updated soon. The artists’ pages are already online on the Members webpage. To view the Members webpage click HERE.

Our newest members come from 39 different countries in most of the world’s regions. We’d especially like to note our first members representing Uruguay and Cuba! As you will see below, the majority of our new members are individual artists (134), but there are some Affiliates and non-artist members as well.

The regional distribution of the new members is as follows:

Europe – 61
East Asia – 31
North America – 25
South America – 24
Middle East – 6
Australasia – 3
South Asia – 1

Individual Members :

Artists (133)

  • ÅKESSON Gunilla Maria, Sweden
  • AL-ATOOM Yacoub, Jordan
  • ALGARAD Shanyar, Jordan
  • ALONSO Valérie, Switzerland
  • AMESBURY Avi, Australia
  • APLIN Kay, United Kingdom
  • AU Eliza, United States
  • BAERTL Paola, Peru
  • BAN Sandra, Croatia
  • BASTIAANSEN Paula, Netherlands
  • BECK Ute Kathrin, Germany
  • BERG Arild, Norway
  • BOGGI Fosca, Italy
  • BORNET LANZ Marie, Switzerland
  • BRAVO Barbara, Chile
  • BUTUCARIU Diana, Romania
  • CAMARA Ines Lorena, Argentina
  • CAMPBELL Ross, Germany
  • CARBONE Silvia, Argentina
  • CARQUEIJEIRO João, Portugal
  • CERVANTES BARAJAS Roxana, Mexico
  • CHEN Yungui, China
  • CHEN Xiaodan, China
  • CHEN Enze, China
  • CHIDDIX Trudy, United States
  • CHRISTIE BROWNE Maria Soledad, Chile
  • CHUNG Jihyun, Republic of Korea
  • CORTIELLA Rosa, Spain
  • CRESKEY Lisa, Canada
  • DE NIGRIS Rita, Switzerland
  • DEL OLMO Redo, Puerto Rico
  • DELARUE Valérie, France
  • DIAZ Marilia, Brazil
  • DIEHL Viviane, Brazil
  • DILLON Maria Veronica, Argentina
  • DONOVAN Sofia, Chile
  • DU Qinfen, China
  • DURAN MARTINOYA Bárbara Tatané, Chile
  • DUTOIT CHOFFET Line, Switzerland
  • ENJALBERT Sylvie, France
  • ERTEMAN Kathy, United States
  • FIGUEIREDO Heitor, Portugal
  • FLURER-BRUENGER Karin, Germany
  • FRAGKOU Vasso, Greece
  • GARESIO Clara, Italy
  • GONTHIER Laure, Suisse
  • GUTIERREZ Julio, Peru
  • HEIMER Astrid, Norway
  • HENAO GRISALES Juan David, Colombia
  • HESS Andre, United Kingdom
  • HIGGINS John, United Kingdom
  • HILTON Steve, United States
  • HLACER Teja, Slovenia
  • HU Yu, China
  • IDE Teruko, Japan
  • ITYEL Michal, Israel
  • JANG Jaenyoung, Republic of Korea
  • KALDAHL Martin Bodilsen, Denmark
  • KANG In Kyung, Republic of Korea
  • KIM Jinkyoung, Republic of Korea
  • KIM Hyosun, Republic of Korea
  • KIM Seung Woog, Republic of Korea
  • KOCH Gabriele, United Kingdom
  • KOROPOULI Haroula, Greece
  • KORTNER Helene, Norway
  • KROTOVA Daria, France
  • KUDDER SULLIVAN Phyllis, United States
  • KUTZ Ofra, Israel
  • LALLANA Andrea, Chile
  • LEE Jong Min, Republic of Korea
  • LIANG Wenlun, China
  • LIGTENBERG Swanica, Netherlands
  • LIU Po Wen, United States
  • LYNCH Nathan, United States
  • MACHER Karen, Peru
  • MAENG Wookjae, Republic of Korea
  • MARBOE Kari, United States
  • MARTINEZ GARCIA Carlos, Spain
  • MCHUGH Christopher, United Kingdom
  • MCKENZIE Heidi, Canada
  • MIADZVEDZEVA Hanna, Belarus
  • MONTEIRO Xana, Portugal
  • MOORHOUSE Sara, United Kingdom
  • NAUE-MÜLLER Ute, Germany
  • NIEDERHAUSER Noemi, Switzerland
  • NIRO Leandro, Argentina
  • OISHI Sayaka, Japan
  • OLIVER MANEN Eulàlia, Spain
  • ORTIZ Elio, Argentina
  • OWEN III Ben, United States
  • OZGUNDOGDU Adile Feyza, Turkey
  • PARK Jungwon, Republic of Korea
  • PETIT Laurent, France
  • PINTO David, Jamaica
  • PIZZICHINI Carlo, Italy
  • POLVERIGIANI Luciano, Argentina
  • PORELLI Paolo, Italy
  • PRATS Ivonne, Puerto Rico
  • RENKER Elena, New Zealand
  • SCHAPIRO Jacqueline, Chile
  • SCHEID Sebastian, Germany
  • SCHNIDER-LANG Nathalie, Germany
  • SCYTHE Aaron, New Zealand
  • SEBES Ricus, Germany
  • SEISLER Nicole, United States
  • SHIFTAN Anat, United States
  • SHOOLI Azadeh, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • SKJØTTGAARD Bente, Denmark
  • SLIVA Otakar, Austria
  • STROHNER Márton, Hungary
  • SUDHARSAN Priya Sundaravalli, India
  • TOCORNAL Mariana, Chile
  • VALDERRAMA GIL Dilma Julia, Colombia
  • VAN RHEEDEN Beatrijs, Netherlands
  • VAVATSIS Giorgos, Greece
  • VIAL STANGE Catalina, Peru
  • VILLAVICENCIO Juan, Mexico
  • WAN Changlin, China
  • WANG Zhongzhen, China
  • WIJNANTS SARACHAGA Javier, Uruguay
  • WITHOFS Fabienne, Belgium
  • XU Ling, China
  • YAMADA Hiroyuki, Japan
  • YAMASHITA Naho, Japan
  • YANG Zhan, China
  • YOON Sol, Republic of Korea
  • YU Hui, China
  • ZEITLHOFER Christa, Austria
  • ZHANG Xizhi, China
  • ZHAO Peisheng, China
  • ZHAO Bin, China
  • ZHENG Dongmei, China
  • ZIMANY Valerie, United States




The IAC mission

The goal of the IAC is to stimulate friendship and communication between professionals in the field of ceramics in all countries. The IAC develops and encourages all forms of international cooperation to promote ceramics and to encourage and maintain production at the highest level of quality in all ceramic cultures.

Since its founding in 1952 by Henry J. Reynaud, IAC President until his death in 1964, the organization of the IAC has changed and evolved. Originally, it had a strong diplomatic background, merging representatives from national museums and cultural organizations. Ceramists where invited as consultants.

Today the Academy is the only association devoted to the medium of clay that functions on an international level. The IAC brings together ceramists, potters, artists, designers, authors, collectors, gallerists, conservators, restorers, curators as well as a panel of prestigious institutions.

Thanks to their respective forms of expertise, members of the IAC are regularly invited to participate in Congresses, residencies, to submit articles for publication as well as being asked to jury international exhibitions and competitions.

Carlo Zauli

Carlo Zauli

More than 60 years after its founding, the IAC more than ever remains steadfast to its commitment to being at the center of an international community representing ceramics at the highest levels. Postulating the universality of ceramic culture as a basic value, the IAC continues to foster dialogue between cultures to ensure the continued appreciation of all kinds of ceramics.


Biennially, the IAC organizes an international Congress which includes a conference focused on a specific theme, national and international exhibitions, and continued support of private initiatives by galleries and other cultural venues.  Thanks to the quality and the representative character of its members, the IAC Congress stimulates cultural activities in the host country and promotes new relationships

between institutions, contributing in manifest ways to the development of the necessary synergies for the promotion of ceramic art.

In addition, since 2009, the IAC has organized in the intervening years a conference cycle called “IAC day”, taking place in the Musée Ariana in Geneva.

The 48th IAC General Assembly and Congress – IAC New Taipei City 2018
inaugural speech

The biannual publication of a Bulletin informs the members about the projects and activities of the IAC. Also, an exhibition catalogue of the members is published at each Congress. In 1973, the IAC initiated a documentary archive center at Musée Ariana, which offers vast information on contemporary ceramics. These archives are constantly enriched by catalogues, books and reviews submitted by members.

In 2015, the IAC presents itself in a new light, with a logo unifying its two official languages and a website intended to offer a dynamic platform to the ceramic world.


An editorial section is planned for this website which will offer different views on an art which has continued to change and grow throughout its long history.

The election of new members takes place every second year. Recently, attention was given to countries whose ceramic culture is not yet represented at the IAC. Today, the IAC consists of 807 individual members and 77 collective members, representing 74 countries from all continents.


Torbjørn Kvasbø, IAC President.
Photo: Mattias Lindbäck

Since 1958, the IAC has been affiliated with UNESCO, first on a consulting basis and then, since 2001, as an official partner in the cultural sector. The IAC take this partnership seriously and wishes to contribute to meet the challenges of this important organization recognizing the scientific, educational and cultural issues of its member countries.

  • Színészmesterség - színész a színpadon - - - Beszédtechnika & Színpadi mozgás & Ének & Színészmesterség - - - Michael Chekhov Acting Technique®

    2024. 02. 17., 09:00:00 — 2024. 03. 03., 21:30:00
    Az intenzív kurzus elvégzése során egy-egy monológon keresztül teremtheti meg mindenki karaktere egyedi atmoszféráját. A folyamat a képzelet és a mozgás tudatos alkalmazására épül, amely az élet bármely más területén is alkalmazható eszközzé válik (nem csak színpadi körülmények között).

    2024. 01. 13., 19:00:00 — 2024. 01. 13., 22:00:00
    Megannyi Mohácsi-előadás + 13 muzsikus + 78 színész + 1000 néző = 1 Kovács Marci & a Szakértők - koncert a Vígszínházban.
  • Danubia 30

    2023. 12. 30., 19:30:00 — 2023. 12. 30., 22:30:00
    Harminc évnyi zenei utazás, ünnep, összefoglalás és egyben programismertetés a következő harminc évre - ez a Danubia Zenekar születésnapi koncertje.
  • Bágyi Balázs New Quartet koncert Balatonfüreden

    2023. 12. 21., 19:00:00 — 2023. 12. 21., 22:00:00
    A koncerten az együttes "Decade" című lemezanyaga hangzik el
  • Kripta - monológszínház műhelybemutató

    2023. 12. 19., 19:30:00 — 2023. 12. 19., 20:15:00
    Mi lenne, ha csak 3 percre is, de visszatérhetnénk, hogy elmondjunk mindent, ami fontos volt - a halálunk előtt?! - Edgar Lee Masters: A Spoon River-i holtak c. műve alapján